Global and china forklift industry report 2010-2011

Global and China forklift industry report 2010-2011 provides information on the forklift market. The study also focuses on the impact of the Chinese forklift industry on the world market. While many forklift manufacturers in China are focusing on domestic demand, more focus is being placed on export markets. A recent study by the Forklift Manufacturers Association found that Chinese forklift manufacturers are increasingly focusing on export markets.

The report also examines the labor practices of Chinese state-owned companies in Zambia, a landlocked country in southern Africa. This country is known for its long-established copper mining industry, which has long been associated with organized labor. As Zambian labor law allows workers to choose their union, this new study examines Chinese forklift companies’ labor practices in Zambia. The report also looks at how Chinese forklift manufacturers have reacted to the growing number of unionized workers in the country.