Global business process management software market 2011-2015

The global business process management software market is segmented by geography, deployment model, enterprise size, and functionality. By geography, the business process management software market is categorized into five main regions: Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. The report analyzes the key vendors in these regions. It also covers the competitive landscape of the business process management software market. This report is an essential resource for companies considering the growth potential of this technology.

In terms of region, North America dominated the market with a share of approximately 40% in 2011.

The Asia-Pacific region grew at a faster rate, accounting for nearly half of the overall market. Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa regions were the next biggest markets. The report also highlights the adoption of advanced BPM software in global supply chains. It shows that these software solutions are increasingly being used to manage contracts, procurement, and litigation.

The top vendors in the global business process management software market are IBM Corp., Oracle Corp., and Microsoft Corporation. Other key vendors include Appian Corporation, BP Logix, Inc., Fujitsu Limited, Hitachi, Ltd., and Signavio GmbH. The market research solution ReportLinker gathers industry data and organizes it in one place for quick access. In this way, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the market.

In the report, Gartner’s research team analyzed the evolution of BPM supporting software systems.

While the market is dominated by traditional BPMS, newer models are gaining market share and addressing everyday process interactions. IBM BPM platforms offer collaboration and messaging across multiple lines of business. They also enable employees to connect across departments and improve productivity. Ultimately, BPM platforms are becoming more versatile and broader than ever.

Cloud-based business application is a key growth area. Cloud-based business applications are more effective and affordable than on-premise versions. In addition, businesses can access cloud-based business applications at any time. A key limiting factor in the growth of the global business process management software market is lack of awareness about AI and its potential impact on organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic is a major driver for enterprises to invest in company-wide BPM platforms.

As technology continues to improve, the need for middleware becomes ever-greater.

Middleware, for example, is an increasingly important part of many modern businesses. Increasingly, firms are looking for ways to adapt to new technologies to stay competitive. In particular, the Financial Services industry is a major driver of the Global Application Infrastructure and Middleware market. Its widespread adoption in the finance industry is fueling a demand for new middleware technologies.

However, the evolution of systems is less driven by the advancement of information technology than by knowledge management and its impact on business processes. As the dynamism of people and teams increases, traditional BPM systems are set to be replaced by dynamic BPM systems. This technology enables companies to learn from the everyday successes. For that reason, many companies are putting a high importance on the implementation of a business process management software system.