Global green data center market 2011-2015

The global green data center market is poised to grow at a considerable rate over the next five years due to several factors. Rising power costs, concern over environmental impact, and the increasing demand for cloud-based services are the key drivers. Moreover, the data center’s high initial costs, coupled with a lack of awareness about environmental benefits, are posing a challenge to the market’s growth. Green Data Centers can reduce these problems and improve operational efficiency while keeping operational costs low.

General construction cost varies, largely depending on the tiered design of a data center.

In recent years, many data centers are incorporating solar or wind farms on-site. Various small vendors have installed a solar array on the roof of their facility. Additionally, water is recycled for cooling purposes. Overall, the global green data center market is expected to grow by over three times over the next five years. However, this growth is unlikely to be sustained in the long term due to the high costs associated with constructing such facilities.

The IT and telecommunication sector is expected to dominate the global green data center market during the forecast period. The Asia Pacific region is also projected to register the highest growth rates among all regions in the target market. The increase in the IT and telecommunication sector, as well as the development of the healthcare industry in this region, are expected to drive growth in this region. For more information, you can contact Technavio. By purchasing a copy of this report, you’ll get access to the full report and 50% off your second.

In addition to the emergence of a global green data center market, other factors are also driving demand.

According to DCD Intelligence’s latest report, the global data center market will grow by a factor of ten percent by 2020, compared to the same period a year ago. Despite these concerns, the market is still growing – investments in data centers increased by 8.3% in 2012 and will grow by 19.2% this year.

The rate of data center expansion is expected to be high in most regions of Asia during the forecast period, with growth primarily driven by emerging markets such as India and China. But this growth rate is also a consequence of the fact that data centers are expensive, as their rents are high and the competition for these facilities is stiff. In addition, the cost of renting space increases, thus driving up the number of services offered by data centers.

Among the technologies that support the green data center market are heat pumps and liquid cooling. Heat pumps can be difficult to recycle, so data centers have increasingly resorted to liquid cooling. Different techniques of liquid cooling are combined to form a fully liquid-cooled infrastructure. The techniques are divided into three main categories: indirect liquid cooling, direct-to-chip cooling, and total immersion in liquid. However, not all liquid technologies are created equal.