Portugal nephrology and urology devices investment opportunities analysis and forecasts to 2018

This report focuses on the nephrology and urology device market in Portugal. It is a comprehensive overview of the market’s key segments, including global market size, annualized revenue and volume, and company shares. Global Markets Direct analyzes and forecasts market trends and factors to identify key investment opportunities and help companies understand the competitive landscape.

The report also includes a detailed country-level analysis of the nephrology and urology device market, including its growth prospects and competitive landscape. The report provides country-specific data on consumption volumes, production sites, import-export analysis, and cost of raw materials. Major pointers in forecasting the country’s market scenario include competitive landscape, global brand presence, and trade routes.

Growing prevalence of kidney disease and other diseases is driving the need for nephrology and urology products and services. A growing geriatric population and increasing incidence of diabetes are factors driving market growth. In developing countries like MENA and APAC, the number of patients with diabetes and hypertension is projected to reach 108 million by 2045. These factors are expected to drive product use.

The report also identifies emerging revenue pockets and details about trade regulations. It also covers import-export analysis and details on product launches and approvals. Detailed analysis of the nephrology and urology devices market in Portugal includes data from 2010 to 2018.

The market is segmented according to type and end use.

In the end-user segment, the report covers endoscopy and sacral neuromodulation, as well as prostatic stents, urology products and urology services. The report also examines the competitive landscape by region, country, and type. Its market size section covers historical growth and future prospects.

The new technologies are becoming ubiquitous. The potential of mHealth and eHealth in urology cannot be underestimated. For example, there are 176 apps related to prostate cancer on the Google Play and Apple App Store, with 20 specifically addressing the problem. These developments present a major opportunity in the nephrology and urology device market in Portugal.